WiFi Ranger Easy Start Guide & Password Change

WiFi Ranger Easy Start Guide & Password Change

1) Power on WiFiRanger

2) Wait a couple minutes (roughly 2 minutes for boot process)

3) Wirelessly connect a device to NETWORK using PASSWORD

                NETWORK: Pvt.WiFiRanger.****

                PASSWORD: changemenow****

**** Replace asterisk with 4 digits on the end of the network name.

Example: If Network Name is Pvt.WiFiRanger.1234 then the password would be changemenow1234

4) Open device’s web browser and go to Control Panel


*If using a phone or tablet, you will need to scroll down and click “Take me to the full site”

5) Register Tab

                You will want to register by providing at least the required fields.

6) WiFi Tab

                You will want to change your password on this tab. Be sure to save the changes.

-          Once saved you will need to log back into the wifiranger using the new password.

7) Once you have your WiFi Ranger setup, you can simply click on any available wireless network from the main control panel screen. If the WiFi network is password protected you will need to enter the password in order to connect to the WiFi.

                * The WiFi Ranger is an amplifier, not a WiFI network. Your WiFi Ranger password will be used only to connect to the ranger. WiFi(Wireless Networks) can be setup several different ways and you may need information to connect to the WiFi network. This information needs to be gotten from the network owner. Example(Password to connect to the network).


WiFi Ranger IP Address



*Your system should automatically redirect to the control panel just by going to mywifiranger.com. However, if it does not you can use the IP address above to gain access to the control panel.

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