The integrated “Electrical Management System (EMS) helps to protect your RV against voltage fluctuations, power surges and incorrectly wired shore power which can cause severe and costly damage to RV appliances and electronics” ( ). 

The EMS Surge Protection system is a great tool to help protect your investment. With that being said it can also be quite frustrating when it stops power from coming inside the unit and you’re A/C doesn’t come on to cool off the camper. Don’t get too alarmed just yet as this is what it is designed to do when it senses an issue at the shore power in the campground. There are several reasons why the surge protector stops the power but all of the reasons are protecting your camper from possible damage. When this does occur, we want to take a look at the surge protector display.

2017 and prior models this display is located under the street side bed compartment. You will simply lift the access panel located under the bed and you should see the display mounted on the wheel well.
Surge Protector Display

2018 models this display was moved to the rear cabinet on the interior wall next to your fuse panel.


Display is blank – This means there is no power getting to the surge protector itself. It could be that there is no power at the pole or the display is not connected to the main control box. Check the 30a pole and make sure, if equipped, that the breaker is turned on.

The display will be blank when not connected to shore power or a generator. 12v Battery power does not go through the surge protector.

E0 – Normal Operating Condition. This is what you should see if everything is working properly. It will also scroll through other information to display volts, hertz, etc…

E1 – Reverse Polarity – This is a common issue at many campgrounds where the Hot and Neutral wires are reversed. Without a surge protector you would still get power and never know that there was an issue but reverse polarity can have negative effects on sensitive electronics.

E2 – Open Ground – This is common when connecting to a generator as it is not grounded. It can also occur if the shore power connection at the campground does not have a grounding rod. If this occurs when using a generator the only resolution to get power into the camper is to use a Neutral Ground Plug in the generator or by switching the surge protector into bypass mode. 
Switching the surge protector into bypass mode is not recommended unless you are certain that the power supply you are connected to is a good power source. A generator must be pure sine wave to ensure that it is producing clean signal to the camper. If you do choose to bypass the surge protector, it does still disable the surge protection portion of the EMS; however all other features are disabled. 
If you are getting the E2 error when connected to a generator then you should use a Neutral Ground plug,  pictured below, so that the surge protector sees the generator as a grounded power source.
Neutral Ground Plug Neutral Ground Plug
E3 – Line 1 High Voltage – This occurs if the voltage jumps above 132v. This will cause the system to work intermittently and can be very frustrating as it might cause you’re A/C and Microwave to kick on and off erratically. This is typically a campground issue related to the pole you are connected to but can also impact the entire campground. 

E4 – Line 1 Low Voltage – This occurs when the voltage drops below 104v. This will have the same cause & effect as the E3 error code above.

E5 & E6 codes are reserved for the HW50C models only and should not display with the model equipped in your Oliver camper.

E7 – Line Frequency High (Above 69 cycles) – this is a measure of how clean the power being supplied is. The normal reading should be 60Hz. This is where the term Pure Sine Wave comes into play as it needs to produce clean energy or a rhythm.

E8 – Line Frequency Low (Below 51 cycles) – Same as above

E9 – Data Link Down (Call Progressive Industries Tech Support @  800-307-6702

E10 – Replace Surge Protector Module (Call Progressive Industries Tech Support @  800-307-6702

Your Surge Protector comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Progressive Industries. The warranty covers parts only. Please refer to the Progressive Industries warranty for more information.

For complete warranty information please visit the Progressive Industries website: Progressive Industries Surge Protector Warranty