No 120v Power when connected to 15a Receptacle

No 120v Power when connected to 15a Receptacle

WARNING: Using an extension cord may result in voltage drop which can cause power issues and a fire hazard.
NOTE: Oliver travel trailers come standard with a 10ga, 30a power cord. When using an extension cord we highly recommend using a 12ga heavy duty extension cord no longer than 25ft long. Using a lower gauge or longer extension cord will result in voltage drop and heat buildup. Damage caused by heat build up is not covered under any of the warranties.
NOTE: 15 amp service will provide very limited power, a  stronger power source is recommended for adequate power and appliance operation and protection within your RV

Troubleshooting no power when connected to a 15a Receptacle

With the power cord connected to the receptacle and camper, you will want to check the status of the incoming power at the surge protector display, if equipped.
Standard 15a Receptacle

Camper equipped with a Surge Protector

Check the status of the incoming power at the surge protector display. The display should scroll through several screens of data but you will want to check to see if you are getting an E0 which stands for incoming power normal. If you see an error between E1-E10, please refer to  Surge Protector Codes & Locations for proper troubleshooting & resolution. If you see a PE code then you may be experiencing an intermittent electrical issue.

L ow Voltage (E4 or PE4)

When connecting a 30A to household outlets, power may cut in and out while displaying an E0 error code.  The issue is that the household outlets are rated for 15A, so they do not consistently supply over 104V in certain circumstances, leading to a shutoff condition on the EMS units.  The larger the electrical load in the RV, the more the voltage will drop.  When the load is removed the voltage increases to over 104V and the EMS unit connects and the cycles start over.

ALERT: When equipped, the surge protector will protect the on board electrical systems that are connected after the surge protector. This means that the extension cord, power cord, power inlet and transfer switch are all susceptible to voltage damage.

If your Camper is NOT equipped with a Surge Protector, there are no error codes present or the display is blank.

WARNING: 120v Electrical Systems should only be tested by a certified technician
You can try to connect to a different receptacle that is on a different circuit. If the power works on a different receptacle then most likely there is an issue with the original receptacle and not the camper. If you do not have another receptacle to test then you would want to contact an electrician to test your house receptacle or take the camper to a campground and test with the standard 30a power cord. 

You may need to reset the GFCI inside the camper.
NOTE: All receptacles in the camper are tied through a single GFCI receptacle and attached to a single 120v breaker. 
Most models have the GFCI receptacle installed at the dinette. For 2020 models with an inverter, the GFCI is installed on the side of the inverter itself. Please check the GFCI by pressing the reset button and retest the receptacles.
If the A/C fan comes on but the compressor does not engage then the outlet may not be providing enough power to the camper or the load is more than the 15a receptacle can handle. This is a normal situation as the camper was designed to run on a 30amp power source not a 15a. 

If you have checked the above items and still feel that you have an issue, please contact the Oliver service department at 866-205-2621 or your local service center to schedule an appointment.
Warranty does not cover issues with a home receptacle, campground power or anything outside the camper. It also does not cover a no problem found situation where the issue was most likely the power source.