Dexter EZ Flex Overview & Maintenance

Dexter EZ Flex Overview & Maintenance

The Dexter E-Z Flex system on the Oliver Legacy Elite II should be greased every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. It is a non-closed system which means grease may come out the other end and if too much grease is applied, it can become messy. Try to wipe away any exterior grease from the zerk fitting so road debris does not accumulate. 

There are 8 grease zerks per side!

Above picture shows grease zerk forward of front tire

Above picture shows grease zerk behind rear tire

Above picture shows 4 grease zerks located between tires next to equalizer

Above picture shows the forward grease zerk on top of equalizer 

Above picture shows rear grease zerk on top of equalizer

We recommend using a flexible hose on the grease gun to reach the 2 zerk fittings behind the center hanger on top of the equalizer. 

Remember there are 8 zerk fittings on each side of the camper, 16 fittings in all!
Elite 1 EZ Flex - How to Grease Video

Elite 2 EZ Flex - How to Grease Video

Repairs or replacement of the Dexter EZ Flex and its components should only be performed by a certified technician as improper repairs may result in damage or loss of control of the unit during travel.

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