CradlePoint WiFi

CradlePoint WiFi

Cradlepoint Router Setup & Activation


STEP CG is a provider of networking solutions to clients coast-to-coast. STEP CG has partnered with the Oliver Travel Trailer company to provide support for the cellular internet router in your new camper. One of our skilled technicians will assist you with the setup, licensing, and registration of your Cradlepoint router. We have created this document to help provide some guidance which we hope will streamline the process.


There are two SIM cards already installed in the router. These SIM cards can be activated through a service called Mobility Help Desk, and you have the option of using Verizon or AT&T. Please follow the link to the Mobility Help Desk Portal to view the pricing options and sign up for service. For Plan related questions before signing up, you can call (877) 498-1171 and ask for Andy Wilson.

When you have decided on the correct data plan, please refer to the link below to set up your new account. The portal allows you to pay for the monthly services, Activate, Suspend, or Deactivate devices. There are also two videos to guide you through the process of setting up your account and activating a SIM card. Your new router comes with SIM cards for both Verizon and AT&T. All the data plans are Month-to-Month contracts, you can cancel anytime.

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